Thin-layer road markings

Mechanical application of transversal and longitudinal road markings with a one-component paint on asphalt surfaces or a two-component paint on concrete surfaces, and glass beads for improved night visibility. We use acrylic paints with a high dry-matter content. Thin-layered markings are characterized by the economy of execution and short period from the application of markings to the drivability of the road.


Thick-layer road markings

Mechanical application of transversal and longitudinal road markings with two-component cold plastics or hot plastics, glass beads and an anti-slid component. Markings are implemented in smooth finish, but also in structured finish for improved night visibility in wet conditions or profiled finish for achieving a sound vibration effect when a vehicle drives over the marking.


Prefabricated road markings

Application of prefabricated thick-layer temporary and permanent road markings. Prefabricated road markings are made of plastic bands and are of top class quality, since they are prefabricated in controlled conditions which reduces the risk of mistakes. We use prefabricated temporary markings mainly for the needs of temporary traffic regulation in the construction areas, or permanent markings which have very long service life and excellent traffic-technical characteristics.

Thin- and thick-layer coatings for cycle lanes

Thin- and thick-layer coatings for cycle lanes

Marking of traffic areas intended for cyclist. The materials used for marking of cycle lanes are characterized by a very good slip resistance. For this purpose, thin-layer materials are already mixed with an anti-slip component, while thick-layer coatings require addition of coloured silica sand in a prescribed granulation and selected colour. Due to the possibility of various colour shades, thick-layer coatings can also be used for decorative purposes.

Vertical signalization – traffic signs

Danger signs, explicit order signs, complementary boards that explain the meaning of the sign to which they are added in more detail and are an integral part of a traffic sign, other signs used to indicate road works, other barriers in road traffic and road damages, illuminated traffic signs and illuminated markings, signs with a variable content, three-sided pyramids on which danger signs, explicit order signs and notification signs can be depicted.

Tourist and other information signalization

Signs with information on cultural monuments, nature conservation areas and important tourist sights, signs indicating the direction to cultural monuments, nature conservation areas, important tourist attractions and buildings or facilities within a sight or settlement, welcome signs at entry points into a country, region, province, municipality or settlement, signs used for providing tourist and other information in traffic areas outside the carriageway (resting and parking areas) and in other roadside areas intended for accompanying roadside activities.


Traffic regulation

The works include preparation of traffic regulation plans, preparation of plans and scientific papers on temporary traffic regulation, acquisition of permits for road closures on state and municipal roads, manual placement of traffic barriers and traffic signs for detours or placement of barriers on the basis of permits issued during the construction or reconstruction of roads or road events.


Road data bank

Preparation of projects for entry into official records. For the purpose of recording data in the road data bank, all maintenance and investment works representing a change in the conditions on major and regional roads must be timely forwarded to a technical administrator at the road maintenance unit, responsible for the management of the road data bank.


Traffic equipment

Supply and installation of road traffic equipment – equipment for marking the proximity of the carriageway edge or a hard shoulder or emergency lane; equipment for guiding and channelling traffic in the area of road works, other barriers and carriageway damages, protection fences, mounting physical barriers used for calming traffic – humps, crash buffers, fences for pedestrians, half and full barriers, equipment for accentuating the course of a motorway or expressway in a division area, traffic mirrors, anti-dazzle equipment.


Winter maintenance of traffic and non-traffic surfaces

Winter road maintenance is based on the winter service implementation programme which includes the identification of persons responsible, road network plan with priorities, reaction times, on-call duties, winter sanding plan, etc. For the implementation of winter service we have skilled workers and proper mechanization available, enabling rapid and effective snow removal and keeping the roads clear from ice.


Painting works

Smoothing and puttying of walls in ceilings, removal of old paint coatings, painting of walls and ceilings with a dispersion or washable paint, and painting of facades. We also provide painting works on other surfaces (windows, doors, fences …).


Artistic interior

In cooperation with our partner company Art Todors from Zaječar (Serbia) we provide wall painting services, construction of unique sculptures, interior and exterior design services, and manufacture of furniture. For more information visit:

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